Sunday School for all ages 9:45 am

You are warmly invited to grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ by the ministry of teaching for every age group at 9:45 every Sunday morning.

We believe that the Bible is the highest authority for belief and behavior. Sadly many Christians are following their feelings and don’t know what God says, except what they have heard from others. The most common misunderstanding is “God helps those who helps themselves.” The truth is that God helps those who can’t help themselves.

Bible study is available for your children. Parents are responsible to bring their children up in the nurture and instruction of the Lord and one of our goals is to assist parents in the spiritual nurture of children. We have classes for every age group, including adults.

Bible study is not just for children. There is a woefully inadequate knowledge of God today and adults are following the word of the culture and their feelings instead of the word of the Lord. They do not know the essential truths of the Christian faith and that is said. Bible knowledge is at an all time low. Change the downward drift to one of understanding and wisdom by studying the Bible.

A new study on the Minor Prophets began in Decenber and is taught by Mark Paris. The study book was written by Warren Wiersbe and is “Be Amazed.” 

In the preface to the book Wiersbe says, “Amos (“burden bearer”) was a herdsman and a cultivator of sycamore trees (Amos 1:1; 7:14) when the Lord called him to be a prophet. He lived in the village of Tekoa, about eleven miles from Jerusalem, during the reigns of Uzziah in Judah (790-740 B.c.) and Jeroboam II in the Northern Kingdom of Israel (793-753). Amos was a “layman,” a humble farmer and shepherd who was not an official member of the Jewish religious or political establishment.

At this time, both Judah and Israel were enjoying prosperity and security. Luxury abounded (3:10-15; 5:1-6), and “religion” was popular. Israel flocked to the royal chapel at Bethel (4:4-5), and Judah celebrated the feasts enthusiastically (5:21-22), but the sins of both nations were eroding the religious and moral fiber of the people. Making money was more important than worshiping God (8:5); the rich exploited the poor, the judicial system was corrupt, and injustice flourished (5:11-15, 24; 8:4-6).

Another elective adult Sunday School Class on the book of Psalms is taught by Stan Carroll.  Psalms 1-88 takes you through the valleys and mountains of Old Testament kings and queens, illuminating the painful confessions, the anger toward God, and the holy desires they modeled for generations to come. It’s the unaltered, vulnerable grit of human experience that gives Psalms its credibility and makes it so valuable for building a real relationship with God.

 Writing as they would to a dear friend, the psalmists—King David and others—compose a songwriter’s masterpiece through their unfathomable awe of the Creator of the universe. Out of the bottomless well of human emotion and purity of expression come both cries of pain and shouts of joy—genuine expressions which not only elevate our respect for the psalmists themselves, but also draw us into a deeper relationship with our Lord.

 The goal is for the Church to learn and live the word of join. Join us this Sunday at 9:45




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