Welcome home

What does it mean to have a Church home.

There is nothing as potentially warm and inviting as a home. To be invited into a family’s home is an intimate and welcoming gesture of love and acceptance. We sometimes speak of the church we worship, fellowship and serve as our home Church.

One of the first acts of Jesus in his preaching ministry was to proclaim that the kingdom of God had come near. This was the fertile soil upon which he promised to build his Church and thaIMG_3500t he did. He promised the Apostles that he would built his Churches and that it would even assault the gates of hell. The Roman Empire tried to extinguish the early church with persecution, lies and hatred but the Church prevails and Nero is what people name their dogs and Peter their children. The Church is alive and well today.

The fellowship of the Church continued as a place of love. The early Christians did not own buildings or even have programs but met in homes for the teaching of the Scriptures, breaking of bread which many Bible Scholars believe is the Lord’s Supper and prayer. This is our heritage for a real our Church family.

The church was a place of refuge where people gathered with brothers and sisters in Christ to worship and glorify Christ. Life is still tough and people need a sanctuary from the storm. It is a home where God is our Father and we are united as God’s children by faith in the Living Christ and love each other in the good times and testing times of life. We are opening up our Church to you and saying, “Come on home.”

Small is not necessarily bad especially when it comes to Church. Graceview Church is a place where you can connect with some very and loving people. You will not be smothered but you will be able to build friendships with some very real people. We are big enough to provide a fully Church ministry to every age gTom Farris 1roup but small enough to provide some a special warmth.

Visitors are amazed at the loving reception of our people. We come from a variety of Church and socio economic backgrounds. Not very many people are from a Presbyterian background but have found what a Church home really is. One person said, “I never knew that a Church could be this friendly.” Another person said, “I really love the people at that Church.” Another person told me that this is the most welcoming Church she ever knew. 

Personal relationships are important from our pastor to the person in the pew. There is a mutual love and connection in the Lord Jesus that binds us together. There are a number of ways you can connect with people: The morning worship service, Sunday School, monthly fellowship meals, special ministries like the Bible series Sunday evenings at 6:00pm.

We grow closer together in our fellowship. The Bible has much to say about the importance of strong healthy relationships and our goal is nurture and encourage people to get together and enjoy one another. One of the best things that can ever be said about a Church is “Behold how they love one another.” If you come we will love you.