Graceview Church

Graceview Church

Graceview has been serving the community of Southaven for more than 45 years.

With a sincere love for each other Graceview strives to live out the witness of Jesus Christ.

We worship the Lord of all creation through prayer and song, teaching the Bible and encouraging each other in faith and practice.

Some of the big ideas important to our church would be that:
salvation is by grace alone
through faith alone
in Christ alone
to the glory of God alone
and that we hold the Bible alone to be the only perfect rule of faith.

That means that we don’t think we’re perfect.
We need a Savior.
It means that we don’t think anyone can earn their salvation.
It’s a gift from God.
It means that we don’t think that any one denomination or tradition is perfect.
The Bible is perfect.
And that everything we need for a life that pleases God is found in the Bible.

This church is “presbyterian” and while these kinds of words can be undue cause for division, it means that no Pastor, Elder or Deacon should be ordained to serve the people unless they are called and approved by the people they serve. About half of the Bible is about how to be the church and so we submit to those rules for the good of all.

This is an old church.
Hundreds of years old.
It’s not from a new denomination or movement.
And that means we might do some things that might seem old fashioned to you
but we think they are taught in the Bible and helpful to the well being of the Christian soul.

We are happy to sit down with you and try explain why we do things the way we do.

In our faith the Bible is the final rule so if we can be shown from the Bible that we are wrong, we should be open to change. Our spiritual ancestors in the Reformation called this the principle of Semper Reformanda, that the church is in a constant place of reformation and seeking the truth. 

Some teachers that have had a big influence on Graceview would be: R.C. Sproul, Albert Mohler, Sinclair Ferguson, Alister Begg, John MacArthur and Francis Schaeffer.

We are here to serve you.