Care Center

Care Center Up Date for Fall 2017

 CARE Pregnancy Resource CENTER 
1277 Main St. (Stateline Rd.)
Southaven, MS 38671

Graceview Church works closely with the Care Center and believes in the value of human life as created in the image and likeness of God. God has brought over 600 new clients through Care Center’s door during the first 6 months of this year. Nearly 600 ultrasounds have been provided. God has also provided another OB/GYN who is doing ultrasound at Care Center every Thursday afternoon. We could never afford the excellent volunteer medical team that God has brought together. We and our clients are very blessed. Thank you all.

Due to the cost of cribs and pack-n-plays, it has been impossible to provide a bed to every baby that needed one. Care Center is now able to provide each client with a Baby Box Bed where their infant can sleep safely. These colorfully patterned boxes are the size of a bassinet and come with their own properly fitted mattresses and sheets. A gift package of diapers and wipes is included. What a blessing for our clients.

Be a Witness for Life

Hope you are having a great summer. Don’t forget. If your car tag is due for renewal this summer, purchase a Choose Life tag and help a mom and baby have a wonderful summer too. Become a Choose Life witness to everyone driving behind you. Just $31.00 extra at time of renewal. If your tag is in date, the price will be $43.50 and the tag will be mailed to you. Thank you from Care Center and our mommies and babies.

What Our Clients Are Saying

A certain mom came to Care Center. Previous to her visit, she had a miscarriage and started a new job and was parenting 2 children. She arrived at Care Center with her mind made up not to have this baby. She thought she had no choice, that her circumstances dictated that decision. She remained firm throughout the counseling and the ultrasound. She argued with the counselor. This covered several visits. But God was leading day by day, visit after visit to change her mind, to offer her another choice for her baby and for herself.

She came back to Care Center this spring to show us her beautiful baby boy. The first boy born into her extended family after 15 girls. Her testimony, “I am in love.” She loves her baby and her girls. She loves her husband. She loves her life. Peace with God shows on her face. In her words, “Every pregnant woman should come to Care Center.”