Children and Youth

It’s not wrong to say that at Graceview the kids come first!

Children are a blessing from the Lord and are to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity. A church is a place children should feel safe and loved by all as they are taught to follow the life of Jesus. They can only do that if it’s modeled for them by those around them. So for the adults that teach them to have the right tone is very important. How many kids have grown up to never want to go to church because of unpleasant experiences in early life? A lot. It’s terrible but it does happen.

Church isn’t just for fun and games but it should be something children enjoy doing and adults have a powerful influence on that.

Here at Graceview, Child Protection and a focus on the safety and well being of the child is very important. Aside from background checks on individuals that will be working with children we have trained personnel with professional experience in security and child protection to ensure a greater level of safety. What’s more important than the children? Of course, we wish these measures weren’t necessary but the times have made added protective measures a best practice under the circumstances.

Our Sunday School classes for kids and adults start at 10:00 AM and end shortly before the main service at 11:00. There’s a time to get a treat or for parents to get some coffee in-between.

Children are taught by an extraordinary group of committed women that know the Bible, know how to talk to young children and have experience as mothers themselves.

They teach through story, games, music and fun but kids will also memorize the scriptures, learn big ideas and makes friends with others.

It’s really a pretty great time for them.

We have a lot of other activities for children and young adults including scouts groups for boys and girls on Wednesday evening while the adults have a short lesson, some worship and fellowship. Kids events start at 7 every Wednesday night. We have Trail Life troops for the boys and American Heritage Girls too.

We also have community open events for all of the big days like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, Memorial day, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July.

We will take advantage of any opportunity to have a party or a picnic.