The Graceview New Member Class June 2019

Hi friends, Joining a church is a big step. Once you join as a member, you’re part of the family in a deeper way. You’re informed about important details in the life of the church, you participate through the use of your gifts and talents, and you have a voice in it’s guidance and future. With that, being a member of a Christian church does seem pretty important in the Bible. We don’t tend to do well on our own and so God provides membership for our well being and encouragement.

Graceview will be starting a new membership class on Sunday

The class will go on for just 4 weeks covering:

Week one: The Christian faith.
Week two: What is it to be in a “reformed” church?
Week three: Where did Graceview come from and where is it going?
Week four: What are some contemporary issues in the Christian church – and how does Graceview understand these issues? And a greeting and meeting time with the leadership of the church.

This class will be open to everyone, so it’s OK to come if you’re already a member or just want to sit with a friend. Kids are OK too.

There will be a little something to read each week and we will talk about these things in the class. You can feel free to ask your questions and we will will try our best to provide satisfying answers.

So that’s starting up at 10:00 AM, in the Sanctuary.

We are looking forward to seeing you ????