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French Camp, MS 39745

In 1885 a group of Scotch-Irish Christians established a school for girls at French Camp. These Presbyterian missionaries named it The Central Mississippi Institute for Girls. Because of its success, French Camp Academy for boys was started later that year. In 1915, fire destroyed the girl’s institute, and the schools were combined under the name French Camp Academy.

A major change took place in 1950 when French Camp Academy was reorganized under the direction of an interdenominational Board of Trustees. Since that time, FCA has grown to accommodate up to 170 boarding students and provide families in the nearby communities with a quality Christ-centered education and atmosphere.

French Camp Academy is well respected around the nation as a Christian boarding school that exists to serve young people and families for the glory of God.

Ending Well
It’s that time of year again when the academic year is winding up. Each student, especially the seniors, are seriously planning for the next step. College applications, scholarship forms, graduation invitations, and celebrations occupy time and thought.

Our job is winding up. FCA takes this time of year seriously. It may be the last time we can treat these young people to the delightful truth of God’s Word.
We hope to continue to see and serve all of our students, but we know from experience some will disappear. They may or may not resurface years later; therefore, we are diligently and intentionally pouring God’s Truth into them and loving them with a love that surpasses understanding.

God’s plans are good and His Word does not return void. He has proven this over and over through the years…131 years.

Please pray for our seniors as they take the next step in life.
Pray they will not step away from what they have learned at FCA about God, relationships, work, and eternity.
Pray for our returning students that they will increase in wisdom, knowledge, and favor with God and man.
Pray for new students that they will cast their anxiety upon the Lord, for He cares for them.
Pray for staff members that we will continually be refreshed by the Word and the Spirit.
Pray that we will fill the many new positions for the next school year.
Pray that we will always rejoice and be thankful.

So, here it is again, that sad/glad time of year. My heart is bursting with joy as I watch our seniors prepare to move ahead in life. You see, I know they have been given a firm foundation on which to build successful futures. I am sad, not because I am disappointed, but because I will not be able to see Bill or Gretchen everyday to encourage them.

But, I know I have a Savior that is greater than anything else in my life, and the world, and He will watch over them. He brought them to FCA out of His goodness and mercy, and He will continue to direct and protect them as they leave.

Thank you for going along with us and praying as we show the Savior to the young ones God sends our way. Your encouragement, prayers and gifts help prepare the way for them to prosper and walk faithfully with our God.

Please share the mission of French Camp with others. There are families we have not reached that could benefit from FCA’s ministry to young people. Share our story with them and pass on our contact information. You are an important link between FCA and them.

Thanks again for joining with the vital ministry to young people and families for the glory of God. And remember, [God] know the plans He has for you…to give you a future and a hope.

In Christian love,
J. Lance Ragsdale
French Camp Academy