The Thomas Family

Our ARP Missionaries to Turkey are Joshua and Vonia Thomas.

Who joined World Witness in 2008 and are currently church planting in Aydin, a city of 255,000, located an hour and 20 minutes south of Izmir in Turkey.

Joshua’s work involves evangelism, preaching, teaching, one-on-one discipleship and leadership responsibilities for the team with whom they are working. Vonia works as a full-time wife and mom and is also engaged in outreach to women, in hospitality and in administration of church life.

The Thomases have five children: Isaiah, Krystyna, Isabella and Isaac and on 9/13 birth to a boy Samuel Elisha

News from Turkey

In the big scheme of things we are very much keeping our eyes and prayers on Turkey, both the country and body there. We continue to watch with sadness as tensions and violence increase. Our teammates have been saying things are much the same as always in our town. However yesterday they let us know that even in our western city the affects are beginning to be felt. 6 of the soldiers killed recently were from our town. Flags are flying, protests are happening in a neighboring village and the office of one of the political parties in our town was attacked.

Our teammates recently wrote and shared “Maybe you would pray for us to have peace of mind, and to hear clearly from the Lord. As the unrest in the country is growing, it is making us feel more vulnerable. (in any case, this is true for myself.) There have also been the threats to 15 churches recently and we can pray for those churches to receive supernatural peace and boldness – and angelic forces to protect them and all of us from harm. Psalm 37 comes to mind!”

Though the threats mentioned were not directed towards our church, we learned last week that a number of  churches/leaders around the country have been being threatened. The threats are coming with language usually used by Is is. Please stand with us against these threats and the fears that come with them.  This is certainly something we want to pray over.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

Joshua and Vonia

Isaiah 13, Krystyna 11, Ella 9, Isaac 5 and Samuel

mailing address: World WitnessARP One Cleveland Street, Suite 220 Greenville, SC 2960