Pastor John Tucker, Retired

Pastor John and Kathy Tucker
Pastor John and Kathy Tucker (Retired)

God called us to Graceview Church 30 years ago in August of 1984. Our ministry focus has been presenting the Gospel in preaching the cross as the only way to be accepted by God, teaching the truth of God without compromise, comforting with the love Christ, and equipping God’s people for the work of ministry.  Our goal was to be faithful to the Lord Jesus, the Scriptures, the Reformed faith and to the people of this community.

After 30 years with this congregation you might wonder why the Church would keep us and why we would stay this long at a small Church. There are several important factors: We felt God leading us here and that has been confirmed over and over again. It has not always been easy but God has always been faithful. God has blessed our ministry. It is exciting to see God use us to teach his word, reach people with the Gospel and see them enter into the fellowship and service of the Church. Love. God has provided a very loving group of people who have nourished and nurtured our family over the years. Perseverance. We have never felt that our work was finished. There is always a new opportunity and challenge.

My wonderful wife Kathy has been a great help. She has used her musical talents, teaching abilities and love and concern for others in an incredible way. She is known as the nurturer of the Church. It doesn’t take ten minutes to realize her amazing love for God and his people.


Pastor John graduated with a BA in Bible from Bob Jones Univ, and an M.Div, M.C.E. and D.Min from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS. He was ordained in the P.C.A. and transferred to the A.R.P Church in 1984. His ministry is Bible centered, Reformed, and practical. He believes that every divine truth has a divine application.

The thrust of his ministry is to help people understand the Bible and how it relates to daily living. His goal is to teach what the Bible says, and then apply it to the needs of people. He loves people and freely expresses love and concern for their hurts, pains and spiritual growth. He regularly visits, listens and prays with the people. The Church is not just a worship service but God’s new community of faith. It is his privilege to serve the Lord at Graceview.

family 1The Tuckers have three grown children:  Josh and his precocious little girl Ava who started 1st grade, Caleb and his new wife Julie who live in Birmingham, Al and have a little girl Ann Violent who was born in March of 2014 and a daughter Karis is working at The Chalmers Foundation for Economic Development in Chattanooga, TN whose goal is to equip organizations help people to come out of poverty and become financially independent.  They are thankful for their children and enjoy being grandparents.

Our pastor has been very involved with the community. He has served as a member of the Desoto County Emergency Food and Shelter Board which administered a FEMA grant for the county. He has worked across denominational and racial lines to help people in need. He was the co-founder of the Samaritan which is now located in Horn Lake and tri founder of the Care Center a Pregnancy Resource center to help women contemplating abortion to keep their baby to full term. The Care Center provides Christian counseling and pro life information for expectant mothers. He has also been active across the ARP denomination and served as Director of our Presbytery Summer Camp for a number of years.

God has blessed his ministry and provided many opportunities for ministry and service. Pastor John realizes his own need of grace and forgiveness. He is thankful that Jesus loves even him.