Church Officers

Bottom row: Mark Paris, Gene Adams, Chris Neiswonger, Jerry Lyons and Jack Anthony

The Elders

The Presbyterian Church is served by a board of elders and the Pastor who is called a “teaching elder”. The term “elder” is used in the New Testament (in the original language they used the word “presbyter” so that’s why we use it here). In 1 Timothy 5:17 it says, “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.”

This verse distinguishes between two types of elders. The first type of elder whose main responsibility is serving the Church is called “ruling elder” and is elected from the congregation. The second type of elders are the teaching elders or pastors, (it means “Shepherd”) whose main responsibility is preaching and teaching God’s word.

We are blessed with fine ruling elders that care for the spiritual needs of the church: We call the leadership board “the session” (from left to right) Mark Paris, Gene Adams, Pastor Christopher Neiswonger, Jerry Lyons and Jack Anthony. Elder Howie Mays is pictured below.

The Deacons

Michael Fredman, Howie Mays and Jay Jones

The Deacons are also elected by the congregation to serve three year terms and are responsible for the spiritual and physical needs of God’s people, the care of the poor, orphans and widows, church finances and the maintenance of the church building as the house of God.

They do their work well and actively serve the Lord on a weekly basis receiving the offerings, opening and closing the building for services and a number of other tasks. The Office of Deacon is vital to the ministry of the Church.

Like the early deacons of Acts 6:1-4 their ministry allows the pastor to focus on the ministry of prayer and the word. We are thankful for these men and their service to the Lord Jesus.

The Deacons for 2019 are Michael Fredman, Reed S. , Ryan Paris and Marty Smithhart.