The Bonilla’s

Summer 2017 Update
The Bonilla Family
Madrid Spain
Juan Carlos, Ruth, Esther Catherine & Sarah Pressly

Thank you for your faithful prayers for our family and ministry and for your support so that we can continue sharing God’s love in Madrid! Please join us in praying…

for VBS at the international church we attend in Madrid (June 26-30).

for a summer English camp in our apartment building (July 24-28). We are excited that a team from First ARP Rock Hill is coming to help us.

Easter Evangelism

This spring our family is thankful for three opportunities we had to invite different groups of people into our home to learn about the true meaning of Easter! First, during our weekly Girls’ Bible Club, the focus was on Jesus’ death and resurrection through the Bible story, songs and crafts. Second, we invited a group of Spanish neighborhood kids to our home to paint Easter eggs and have an egg hunt, but also to teach them the Easter story through the resurrection eggs. It was amazing how much the kids enjoyed this time and how the parents were also so excited that their kids learned about the Easter story from the Bible.

Please pray for our relationships with our neighbors and for more open doors to share the Gospel message. Third, a group of Ruth’s friends came to our home for an Easter brunch. The ladies all enjoyed the time of fellowship and also learning about the true meaning of Easter. Please also continue praying for the salvation of these dear friends, especially as this summer some of them will return to China or be transferred to another country.

Pray that the seeds planted in their hearts will grow and that they will believe in the only true God. Evangelism, Training, and encouraging to Latin Americans that live in Madrid Training – In partnership with the MTW (Mission to the World -PCA Missions Agency) team leader, Robert Tanzie and Juan Carlos lead a monthly Bible study with Latin Americans that currently live in Madrid. This Bible study is designed to equip Latin Americans with Reformed Theology.

Please pray for Juan Carlos and Robert as they prepare this group of great learners to understand the Word of God and continue growing in their love and passion for Evangelism, Discipleship, and Theology. Evangelism and Encouraging – Specifically pray for Jorge, Luis, and Xochitl, two Peruvians and one Mexican friend that Juan Carlos is investing his time with and talking about Christianity.

Rev. Dr. Juan Carlos Bonilla (DMin)
World Witness Church Planting in Madrid, Spain